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The Intuitive

Holistic Practitioner

Dual Certification Training

Do you want to learn hypnosis, NLP, how to deal with trauma, and how to use intuition in your work?

Do you want to make a quantum leap and take your skills to new levels?

Are you looking to gain more skills for your coaching, healing, therapy practice?

Are you wanting to become a healer or practitioner and don’t know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then fill out the application to apply for the:

Dual Certification – Through the Inspired & Empowered Living Academy


  • Certified in Hypnosis through the International Association for Counselors & Therapists (IACT) and a

  • Certified Intuitive Holistic Practitioner


  • Hypnosis

  • Neurolinguistics Programming – NLP

  • Trauma Training

  • Intuition Training

  • Energy Work Training

  • Somatic Work Training


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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Master Trainer

  • Certified Intuition-Energy Coach

  • Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistics Programming™ (NLP)

  • Trained in P.E.E.R.™ Counseling Emotional Release Work

  • Certified PsychoNeuroEnergetics Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)

  • Certified Master Trainer in Hypnosis through IACT

  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner from the Rhys Thomas Institute

  • Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Graduate of the Enwaken Coaching Program

Nanci has trained and supervised social work interns, conducted corporate leadership training programs, and has taught communication skills workshops along with Adult Education Classes.


She has also appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Nanci hosted her own radio show called Healing & Inspiration on WGBB radio in New York. She currently produces and hosts a radio show called Inspired & Empowered Living on W4W, W4CS, and, and can be found on iHeart Radio Podcasts as well—with over one million listeners to date.


Nanci received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Speech Communications and Theater from the State University College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta), and her Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University.

I’m Nanci Deutsch and I want to welcome you. After 30 years, I have worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and groups, globally—coaching, teaching, and training across various platforms.  I’m here to guide and support you to step into your most inspired and empowered life. 


Learn the personal and professional development skills, tools, and techniques you need to support your own clients’ transformation. I’ll work closely with you to achieve your goals for self-fulfillment and personal effectiveness. 

As a Certified Intuition-Energy Coach, I will guide you toward achieving your most important goals and dreams by helping you tap into the wisdom of your inner intuitive and creative voice—the place where all great discoveries are born!


Through training, workshops, online programs, and one-to-one sessions, I offer a wide array of services and resources to mentor you through your personal and professional transformation.

Dual Certification Training

Hi I'm Nanci Deutsch. 

Apply for this Online Training course now!


We will book a call for a Free Consultation to get you started!

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During this training learn how to:

Effectively use hypnosis & NLP for:

  • Weight loss, stop smoking, or stopping bad habits

  • Healing parts that are creating self – sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors

  • Trauma recovery work

  • Learning how to work with trauma so you are prepared if a client goes into a traumatic memory, or you don’t retraumatize a client

  • Learn how to make effective decisions by tapping into your intuition and teach your clients to do the same

  • Effective and profound skills so that your clients receive breakthroughs and want to keep working with you

  • How to help clients feel safe

  • Quickly and easily engage clients so that they want to work with you

  • Feel more confident in your work and overcome your self-doubt with clients

  • Learn how to work with energy to enhance your sessions with clients

  • Learn somatic – body centered work to accelerate your results with clients

  • Learn how to integrate spiritual work and a holistic approach to your work with clients

  • Learn tools to help heal for anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • How to end sessions with a client feeling peaceful and more resolved around an issue

  • Learn how to work with aspects of self that transform the way a client views themselves

Goal of Certification – To become a qualified integrative holistic healer using tools of NLP, Hypnosis, Body Centered Work & intuition to help a client ( individual, couple or group feel) safe, heard, seen, acknowledged, and validated.

Know how to work with trauma if someone has trauma memories surface

Able to use intuition sufficiently in their practice and life

Know how to help a client move forward

Able to and comfortable with their own feelings and those of the clients

Able to sufficiently use the tools of hypnosis and NLP

Able to do body centered work

Able to help clients with grief work

Able to engage clients easily

Able to heal issues on a deeper level

Able to do appropriate endings

©  2023  Nanci Deutsch, Inspired & Empowered Living

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