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Announcing Our Referral Program: Help Your Friends and Win Big!

Updated: May 18

We're thrilled to announce our brand new referral program! You can now earn points towards exciting prizes by referring your friends to our empowering programs.

Here's how it works:

For each friend you refer who registers for a masterclass, you'll earn a cool 20 points.

These points can be used to earn Amazing Prizes!

The Prizes:

We've got amazing prizes lined up to help you and your friends on your journeys to inspired and empowered living:

1st Place (1 Winner): Win an entire 8-Week Program! Seven of your friends need to register for a masterclass, and one friend needs to sign up for the full 8-week program to win this incredible grand prize.

2nd Place (1 Winner): Score a whopping $1,000 discount on my 8-Week Program! Get five of your friends to register for a masterclass, and one friend to sign up for the 8-week program to be eligible.

3rd Place (Up to 3 Winners): Enjoy a private 30-minute session (valued at $250) with me! Get five or more of your friends to register for a masterclass to enter for this chance.

4th Place (Everyone with at least 1 referral): If you get at least one friend to register for a masterclass, you'll all receive access to a special VIP 90 minute group training.

Ready to Share the Inspiration?

Head over to our referral program page to get started:


We can't wait to welcome your friends to our community and empower them to live their most inspired and empowered lives!


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